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When a person experiencing homelessness decides that they want more than a safe place to sleep, a warm shower, nutritious meal, they are ready to take the First Step and sign-up as a resident for our pathway to housing program; First Step becomes your transitional home.

Holding people accountable is not only vital to our success but the success of our residents. 

Intake starts in the Health Unit, where new residents shower, get new clothing and get a medical screening. From there, a Case Manager reviews the Resident Handbook, creating an individual success plan. From this point forward, you are not alone; your case manager will guide you, walk beside you and point the way as they journey down the path to housing.


Health & Housing Program Resident

You are now a resident of the First Step Shelter Health & Housing program.  


All  potential residents go through an intake process. Intake starts in the Health Unit, where new residents shower, receive new clothing and are screened for conditions that may need medical attention.  From there, a Case Manager reviews the Resident Handbook, and together they create an individual success plan.  

settling in 

The new resident is then assigned a bed bed, locker, and storage tub  plus a medication locker and provided with information on the day-to-day at the shelter. The shelter provides residents with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are only provided during a designated time. 

Daily requirements

  • Keep your living area at the shelter tidy and clean
  • Wash your clothes as needed
  • Properly taking medications and practice positive hygiene habits
  • Complete your daily chore at the shelter
  • Attend group and individual meetings
  • Follow your individual service plan.

Questions ? Request information or call 386-361-3800



Housing and self-sufficiency can only be achieved through income, either through employment or social benefits you qualify for.  If you have a disability, your caseworker will assist you with applications.

Your case manager will show you how to use our Computer Lab, which enables you to find employment and apply for jobs; volunteers also provide additional computer lab support during the week.

First Step Shelter has built relationships with local employers, and your case manager can help match you with job opportunities and their contact information.

You will save 50% of your income to use toward future housing costs;

All residents are required to find employment or gain income from benefits like social security, SSDI within 30 days of becoming a resident. Your case manager will assist you and evaluate  your options.  

Gaining employment is your responsibility and residents must apply for twenty-five jobs per week. 


All residents will attend life Skills Training.

Life Skills Training


Our goal is to empower you to transform your life. You are not alone on your journey. First Step Shelter provides supportive services to ensure your success. Your case manager is you link to all the services available to you.  


The Thomas Trular Legacy transportation program consist of two vans donated to First Step Shelter, providing residents with safe and dependable transportation to meet life’s needs.  It is a coordinated program residents sign-up for a ride from the shelter and back to necessary appointments or errands.

Medical appointments

Agency Appointments-like DCF, Social Security Offices, Veteran Affairs, FDHMV-license/id 

Bank, Pharmacy, Shopping

Job  & Job Interviews

Housing & Landlord Appointments 

Support Groups

AA  meetings are held twice a week at First Step Shelter.




All resid



"Big thanks to the First Step Shelter team for being there for me. You made me feel like I'm a part of the community and helped me gain confidence in myself."
- Mark J. -
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