All potential residents go through an intake process which includes:

  1. Having a health screening so we are sure that the shelter can accommodate your needs;
  2. Having the opportunity to take a shower and receive new clothing;
  3. Being assigned a case manager who will assess your immediate needs and enter your information into the national Homeless Management Information System (HMIS).

Getting Settled:

  1. You will be assigned a bed, locker, and storage unit plus a medication locker;
  2. You will start your individual service plan with assistance from your case manager;
  3. You will receive support in finding employment or filing for disability insurance;
  4. Once employed, you will be transported to and from work;
  5. You will save 50% of your income to use toward future housing costs;
  6. You will receive assistance in finding housing.

Daily Requirements:

  1. Keeping your living area at the shelter tidy and clean;
  2. Washing your clothes as needed;
  3. Properly taking medications and practicing positive hygiene habits;
  4. Completing your daily chore at the shelter;
  5. Attending group and individual meetings;
  6. Following your individual service plan.

All residents attend Life Skills Classes which focus on:

Core Skills

◦ How to make and maintain healthy life changes.

 Daily Life Skills

◦ How to organize and manage life’s ups and downs through stress management,

    nutrition, quality rest and physical activities.

 Healthy Relationships

◦How to assess the quality of relationships and learn to communicate and behave

    in a manner that promotes healthy relationships.


◦ Understand the link between feelings and behavior including strategies on how to

    handle difficult feelings.


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