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Covid 19 testing update.

Covid 19 testing update.

We are getting started with free corona virus testing! We want to remind folks that we are not taking walk-ins for intakes, but we are doing walk-ins for the corona virus testing. We are processing intakes that we receive from places of worship, social service agencies, medical facilities, and law enforcement that have submitted the required pre-intake information to us. We are not able to do intakes on women because the women’s dorm is being used as a quarantine area. We will be bringing women into the shelter sometime in the future.
First Step Shelter is happy to announce that we are currently accepting referrals for New Intakes!

First Step Shelter is happy to announce that we are currently accepting referrals for New Intakes!

Monday August 28th from 9am to 4pm we will be doing the intakes. Referrals will only be accepted from Social Service Organizations; Places of Worship; Hospitals; and Law Enforcement Agencies. We are currently only accepting MEN intakes.

First Step Shelter is committed to helping our clients along the path of homelessness to housing.  

In order to ensure a successful outcome- clients must be willing to take these steps to housing. 

Please note- potential residents must have the ability to: 


  • utilize the toilet and take showers independently 
  • must not be in need of hospice care  
  • or a physical rehabilitative facility 

Additionally, if the client is coming from an inpatient facility– they will: 

  • need a referral from a primary care physician  
  • and if on psychotropic medication- must come with a 30-day supply of that prescription 

Upon arriving to First Step Shelter 

New arrivals to First Step Shelter will be given a health screening and allowed to take a shower as well as given clean clothes. Case managers will register clients into the First Step Shelter program where they will help them get back on their feet! 

For additional information on program eligibility- follow this link  for details. 

News Articles

News Articles

We will continually update this post with news articles about the shelter and our residents.

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